About Us

Creative Glass has been established since 1992 and continue to be the leading specialist in the design and production of architectural and decorative glass.

Based in a prominent location on Portrack Lane, Stockton-on-Tees, in a unique all-in-one showroom, design studio and workshop incorporating state of the art computer design facilities allied with the latest production technologies, experienced designers and craftsmen with the ideas to make it happen.

The Creative Glass team work closely with you, our client, providing advice and expertise to turn your visions and aspirations into real individual features for your own environment. We often collaborate very closely with other specialist professionals including: Architects, Artists, Designers, Joinery, Structural Engineers ect...

We offer a FREE initial art work and structural consultation service for:

The Home & Garden Environment
Commercial & Workplace Environment
Public Art & Civic Project
Bar, Restaurant & Leisure
Healthy & Beauty Environment

We can accept and visualise art work in a wide range of electronic formats, but also before production proceeds, we will provide you with an image of your commission for your approval to ensure that we have faithfully interpreted your vision.

Types of glass features produced include:

Worktops & Splashbacks
Glass Door Systems
Glass Furniture
Wall Art & Sculpture
Water Features
Public Sculptures & Street Furniture
Wet Rooms & Shower Rooms
Photo encapsulated glass features

The potential uses for glass are endless so if you have any queries, please call or email us.