Cutting, Drilling, Shaping

Cutting Most glass is cut by a CNC machine enabling speed, efficiancy and accuracy. Accuracy when ordering and cutting glass is +/- 2-3mm, in accordance with the Glass and Glazing Federation tolerances. For specialised and complex shapes we can provide glass cut by a water jet machine. Subject to the complexity of the shape it may not be possible to toughen the glass. The cut will also leave the glass with a ground and sometimes rough finished edge. Please contact our office staff for further details.

Drilling Holes and notches can be cut prior to the glass being toughened. Cut outs in glass should be no larger than 1/3 of the total area of the glass. The internal corners of cut outs and notches must have a radius. Polished edge cut outs will have a radius of approx 21mm Waterjet cut outs will have a radius of approx 5mm Holes in toughened glass need to start 2 times the thickness of the glass, away from the edge. For example, in 10mm glass, the holes need to start 20mm in from the edge. The diameter of the holes must be at least the thickness of the glass. For example, in 10mm glass, the holes need to be at least 10mm diameter

Shaping Templates when supplied must be provided Full Size and made from MDF or Plywood. We can also work to CAD drawings (PDF, DXF or DWG) We can manufacture templates if required as an optional extra. Full templates will be manufactured on site where possible, however if it is not possible, then templates will be manufactured at Creative Glass's workshop and then re-checked on site for suitability.